2019’s Best Scrivener Coupons & Promo Codes

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Are you looking for the perfect way to order and structure that novel, screenplay or long report? Then look no further than Scrivener.Scrivener is a unique and powerful tool for taking long form text and arranging it perfectly. Whether you need to get your novel in order, put together an A-grade essay, or draft a perfect report for your employer, Scrivener can help you.

Scrivener is perfect for anyone who works with large bodies of text, including: Novelists, screenwriters, journalists, academics, students, playwrights, lawyers, comedians, technical writers and more.Even better, you can save $9 on your purchase of Scrivener when you use our Scrivener coupon code.

How to use scrivener coupon code?

Buying Scrivener could n’t  be easier

  1. Go to Scrivener homepage
  2. Choose the best version of Scrivener for you (Mac, Windows 10, or purchase a bundle of both)
  3. Click buy button
  4. Enter coupon code  and click continue
  5. Click on checkout
  6. Enter your payment details

And you’re done! You can now download and use Scrivener to organize your documents.
Working With Scrivener

Scrivener is easy and intuitive to work with. The user interface is designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, letting you see everything you need at a glance. Scrivener gathers together all the tools you need for working on your document, in one place.

Working with long form text such as a novel, screenplay or long report, takes more than just typing out thousands of words. You will need to gather information and ideas, order them in a way that makes sense, do more research, re-order them again  and then you can start typing the document!


Scrivener was designed with this process in mind. Scrivener gives you the tools to:

  1. Outline your ideas
  2. Give structure to your documents
  3. Make notes as you go, or before you start
  4. View your research next to your text
  5. Work on your text in pieces, or put everything together in context
  6. Move and re-arrange any part of your text as you go
  7. Add notes and formatting
  8. Keep your research in one place, including text, links, images and audio
  9. Work on your document in any order you want and navigate it easily

Scrivener is a highly adaptable and versatile tool that is packed full of functionality. That means that with Scrivener, you can work on your document, your way.

More Scivener Features You will Love

Scrivener is full of features designed to make working on your document easy, including:

#1.Corkboard :

The Corkboard is just like having a real life notice board for your notes and ideas, but much better. With the corkboard, you can add ideas or re-arrange things, and the software will update your manuscript to reflect the changes.

#2.Outliner :

With the Outliner, you can see your document at a glance. Check metadata, word counts, information and more. See where you are and where you need to go, and re-arrange your document with a couple of clicks.


Scrivener unique mode allows you to break down your document into pieces as you see fit. You can work on pieces as small or as large as you like. For example, if you are a novelist, you can break it down scene by scene or chapter by chapter, or in any other way you can think of.

#4.Text editing:

When you need access to a straightforward text editor, Scrivener is here for you. Work in any style and font you like, and replicate the style on your finished document, or choose something completely different.

#5:Tools for non fiction writers and screenwriters :

With a wealth of templates, the ability to link to extensive bibliographic data, and as scriptwriting feature.

#6.Regular backups:

Set Scrivener to backup your work as a zip file whenever you want, making sure your work is kept safe.

If you are working with long form text, you can n’t afford to miss out on Scrivener. Make your life easier today and download now. Don not forget to enter REDDIT at the checkout to receive your discount.