2021’s Best EasyAzon Discount Code – Activated Today

EasyAzon Discount Code

You might be wondering how you can save money on your EasyAzon purchase.

The bad news is that there are only a few official EasyAzon discount code out there and if you do find a EasyAzon discount code, the chances are that it is fake and will simply waste your time without saving you money.

The good news is that we have an exclusive EasyAzon discount code link for our readers which saves you every bit as much as you would save with a coupon.

When you purchase EasyAzon through our link you can make an instant saving.

How Can I Apply EasyAzon Discount Code?

EasyAzon Discount Code

You’ll love the savings you can make with our EasyAzon exclusive discount link:

  • Buy the regular EasyAzon package for just $29, reduced from $47.
  • Or, buy the developer EasyAzon package for just $39, reduced from $67.

EasyAzon is an affordable product even at full price – but for just $29 it’s a steal.

Which EasyAzon Package Should I Choose?

If you want to use EasyAzon for your personal website, choose the “Multi Site Use Rights” package.

This package gives you access to the EasyAzon plugin, and the right to use it unlimited personal websites. Plus, you’ll get access to these great bonuses:

  • The 2017 Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Guide (completely brand new material) $47 value
  • The AzonTheme Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme with Developer rights – $47 value
  • The AmaTheme Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme with Developer rights – $47 value

If you are a web designer or business developer, you’ll want to buy the “Developer Site Use Rights” package.

You’ll get EasyAzon along with all the bonuses mentioned above, plus you’ll have the right to use it on unlimited personal websites, unlimited client websites, and unlimited websites that are being bought in order to flip and resell them.

For an extra $10, the Developer Site Use Rites package is well worth the investment if you think you might want to use Amazon Associate links as part of your business.

How Do I Claim My EasyAzon Discount?

Claiming your EasyAzon discount is so easy:

  • First, follow our exclusive EasyAzon discount code link to claim the reduced price
  • Choose your package and click “Buy EasyAzon now”
  • Fill in your first name, last name and email address
  • Click to choose your payment method – credit card or PayPal
  • Fill out your payment details
  • Click “Place Order Now”

It really is that easy! Now you can start using EasyAzon to make a big difference to your Amazon Associate sales.

Are you looking to make money with Amazon’s Associates program?

Amazon Associates is a simple idea: You display links to various products on your site, and when your site visitors click on your links to purchase, you make commissions.

Amazon Associates is a fantastic way to make some extra money on the side and can add to your income from your website, whether you are selling a product or service, or whether your site is actually not for profit, such as a blog about a personal hobby.

The Amazon Associates program is also a really nice way to build trust with your site visitors.

They’ll see that they can rely on you for the best recommendations, and realize that you know a lot about your site topic and are able to make recommendations to make their life easier.

They’ll know that instead of searching around online for the best books or other products, they can check out your affiliate links and find exactly what they are looking for – backed by your personal seal of approval.

The Problem With Being An Associate

The problem with being an Amazon Associate is that it’s surprisingly time consuming. Adding Amazon Affiliate links to your sites is one of those seemingly little jobs that can quickly become a big and frustrating job.

It’s no wonder some people start up an Amazon Associates account but then quickly drift away as it becomes too much trouble to keep up to date.

Making commissions isn’t always easy, either. Sometimes what you hoped would be a flood of affiliate payments is more like a very small trickle.

Thankfully there is an answer to your problems: EasyAzon. EasyAzon is a user-friendly and easy to use plugin that makes it so easy to display Amazon Associate links and gather commissions.

EasyAzon streamlines the whole process and makes it super easy to do.

EasyAzon is incredibly simple to use.

First, you need a site with WordPress installed (not a WordPress.com account). EasyAzon is a WordPress Plugin, so a WordPress site is a must.

If you’re not using WordPress already this might be a good time to switch – WordPress is a very popular content management software that is compatible with lots of different plugins to make business easier.

Once you purchase EasyAzon, you can activate it with just a couple of clicks. It really is that simple. With EasyAzon activated, you can use it to add affiliate links to any part of your WordPress page.

You simply click EasyAzon and use it to browse Amazon for the products you want. You don’t have to leave your post creation page at all – you do it all from right in the WordPress editor.

Once you find a product you want to add, simply click to add it.

EasyAzon means no more scrolling through Amazon looking for products, and no more going through multiple steps to get an HTML code and then having to mess around finding how to get that code to work on your website.

You simply find, click, and your affiliate product link is created, ready for you to earn cash for commissions.

More Than Just Adding Links

EasyAzon does more than just add links to your site. You can also use it to fully manage all your affiliate links, both individually and in a batch.

EasyAzon gives you the option to display items in a pop up window when the link is clicked, so your customers can get a closer look at them.

Product pop ups are attention-grabbing and let your customers see everything about the product at a glance, which encourages them to click “buy.” And because you’re placing them in a pop up window, your customer isn’t taken away from your site – when they close the window your site is still right there.

You can also set an “add to cart” prompt to further guide your customers on their path to purchasing.

Localization Helps You Unlock More Commission Opportunities

EasyAzon features a helpful localization feature that helps you take advantage of even more commission opportunities.

The latest version of EasyAzon takes your affiliate link and displays a localized version for the Amazon site best suited to your visitors.

So, say you have a book on sale and a visitor from the UK clicks on it, they will be shown an Amazon UK purchase link.

Because customers are taken straight to their native Amazon site, they are much more likely to buy.

Using standard links means customers are taken to your local Amazon site and may well be put off by having to pay in a different currency, or by potentially high postage costs.

EasyAzon takes that stress away by taking them straight to their local Amazon site where they can purchase as normal.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

EasyAzon comes with a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

That means you get a full 30 days to try out EasyAzon for yourself, and if you don’t completely love it, you will get a full refund with no questions asked.

If you are an Amazon Associate, you need EasyAzon. It makes selling through Amazon’s Associate program quicker, easy, and more profitable too.

Don’t forget to use our exclusive EasyAzon discount code link to make a saving on your purchase.

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